Membership Closed

Thank you for your interest in joining Carnarvon as a Golf Member.

Due to the high demand for membership, with an extensive waitlist in place, a decision has been made to close our Membership until further notice.

We will reopen our Membership when we can handle more golfers on our course again.

Become a Member of Carnarvon Golf Club today

The following outlines the process involved in becoming a Member of Carnarvon Golf Club.

Subscription levels are set annually by the Board each year, commencing 1 September. Subscription rates may be adjusted to reflect a pro rata amount, relative to the remaining months of the financial year.

1. Completing the Application Form

  • Please ensure that all sections of your application form have been completed in full. An incomplete form may delay your application.
  • Application forms are available from the reception area of the Club, or may be filled out via our online membership form. 
  • Completed application forms can be submitted to the office in person or electronically.

2. Approval

  • Once an application form has been received, the form will be posted onto our Members' Notice Board for a period of not less than 7 days.
  • The application will be considered at the next Board of Directors Meeting. The Board reserves the right to reject any application without providing a reason for their decision.
  • All applicants will be invited to and must attend an interview with the respective Captains.

3. Fees

  • All new members must pay the annual subscription or pro rata amount relative to the remaining months of the current financial year.
  • Annual subscriptions may be paid in installments, that being monthly* or half yearly*.
  • *Please be aware that the Club does not offer monthly or half yearly memberships and members must ensure that the annual subscription is always payable in full, regardless of any installment methods that may be allowed from time to time.

4. Payment 

  • Once approved by the Board of Directors, new members will receive a tax invoice for their membership.
  • Upon payment of the prescribed fees, you will be issued with; Your Membership Card, Fixtures Book & Rules of Golf Book